Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's really quite lovely

Just add 'blizzard' to the list of natural disasters I have lived through.
Snowmageddon 2016 hit with stunning force this weekend. I showed my usual daring-do spirit by walking out in a blizzard for two hours to capture these photos for you, my lovely three readers. And also because, you know, I like low-stakes adventures that include me walking around alone at night.  

Look, I found Narnia! 
Gratuitous snow graffiti 
This was after it had been snowing for only 6 hours. 
This tree is prettier than every other tree on the planet. 
'Footprints'  #soartsyyouguys 
The first night I was able to actually walk around with some ease. The snow was only just past my ankles. Saturday afternoon it was at mid-calf and walking around became supremely difficult. That night I walked around again, though this time it was more like walking burpees, since I kept falling down in the snow and crawling back up. The snow was past my knees. We hit 30 inches in 36 hrs!

OKAY LEMME TELL YOU A THING ABOUT HOW HARD IT IS TO SHOVEL OUT YOUR CAR. IT IS REALLY HARD. This took two hours and I was so sore and cold and I don't even have to drive anywhere for three days!! I am not working out for at least a week. #armday
It was so peaceful and serene
"Did you see her hem?! Six inches deep..." in snow. This was the first night.
It reminded me of the storm my sophomore year of high school. My dearest friends and I roamed from house to house, playing in the snow and drinking hot chocolate. That was when Shannon and I walked around at 3am and decided that the prettiest things were sunsets, sunrises, snow, and stars. I still think that's true. There's something about walking around alone at night when the world is muted and still. It's better than yoga and therapy.
But not better than oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, of which I had four after my workouts today.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Here We Go Again

And now for my next trick, I shall go to grad school!
New adventures, new travels, so let's kick up this place again.
The new place is lovely and cozy (one of those cute terms for 'small'), and I like it. It is still weird to see my stuff in a place that doesn't feel like home, but I assume that will change. Incidentally, it gives me all sorts of feels about 'what is home' and 'do I even know what home is anymore' and other philosophical thoughts a physicist should not be thinking.
This is the only part of my apartment that is currently tidy, so it's the only pic you get.

Notwithstanding the first week of nightmares, things have gone smoothly. Classes are entertaining, and I collect such great quotes from my teachers. Gems like "He was a mushy-headed liberal poo" and "We like to use Whack-A-Mole diplomacy" really make me enjoy this program. It's gonna be so good, you guys, I can just feel it.