Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sorry, Gaston

I don't know how you'll read this. There are no pictures!

So, week 1. It was exhausting.
I joked before I came that I would probably have to work 12 hour days and not get a real lunch break and have to be in a constant state of "gogogogogo".
Turns out it was no joke!
I do only work 11 hour days, but with an hour commute on each side, I feel like 13 hour days just aren't fun. But first weeks are always the hardest, so I'm trying to not be a downer here.
This week was a cycle of wake up, go to work, come home, sleep. That is precisely how this week went! It's like college all over again! Except without my dear friends to make me laugh.
But the work is fun and exciting and definitely more involved than I thought it would be. In my eternal endeavor to not judge too quickly, I am still gathering info on what to make of the job, but suffice it to say that I think I will really, really love it... as soon as I get used to it. Training always makes me feel stupid, and since I know I'm not, it's terribly frustrating.
On the bright side, the other interns are a lot of fun!
On the SUPER BRIGHT SIDE that french palace I work in? It's even prettier on the inside. So since I don't get breaks, I am forever contriving to be the person to run a document over to another office, just in an effort to see more of the building. When I was in Europe I despaired over the fact that America doesn't really seem to have a lot of fantastic buildings like Europe does, and lo and behold, I work in the only one the country DOES have. So, there you go.
My absolute favorite feature is the way different parts of the building have different doorknobs. I think that is funny. They are finely engraved brass knobs that have seals from different government departments. I try to not look like an idiot every time I enter a new office and bend down to examine the knob. I'm not really succeeding though.
On to week 2! (This is the week all the other interns start, so we have an official orientation. And I am supposed to help. With my own orientation. Talk about hit the ground running.)

Monday, January 7, 2013


hola my beloved 3 readers.
I live in DC now, and so far I love it. East Coast is turning out to be pretty aaaah-mah-ZING.
today was my first day of work and I am suuuper tired. that is why i am not really focusing on punctuation. or  coherent thought.
suffice it to say, i really like this new position, and i am very excited about all the new aspects my professional career is taking. (can a career take aspects? see above re: lack of coherence)

2 years ago today I started in London. Today I thought about that and how much I missed it. That was a marvelous time. I hope this is just as marvelous a time. I think it might be.

Saturday, January 5, 2013


   today while walking by the White House we passed a food truck and Ashley said, "mmmm! It smells so good!" to which I responded, "it's the smell of freedom! and capitalism! and democracy!"

   I'm going to be so obnoxious here. I can feel it and I don't know how to stop it. gah. C'est la vie!

The Mall, the job, the sights, the art

Today I had a Big City Adventure!
   I took my little 'ol self and my new metro card (that was given to me by the family I am currently living with. They are so kind and nice. And funny!) and I went to work.
   Well, not really work. I just had to go figure out where I am supposed to go to work, and how all my first-day things will work out.
   I mean what I am about to say with all the passion I am capable of feeling: I WORK IN THE PRETTIEST BUILDING IN THE UNITED STATES CAPITAL. Fo' realsies. Here is a picture:
                               I WORK IN A FRENCH STYLE PALACE.
   I don't care how un-American that sounds. That building was stunning. HA! Take that White House!
   After I was done oggling my new workplace, we walked down the mall, and I saw the Washington Monument, the Capitol Building, various and sundry Smithsonian buildings and monuments, and spent a long long time in the National Gallery of art. They have the unfinished David-Apollo by Michelangelo, which is super interesting. But the real David is better.
   The Mall is so lovely. I have a feeling I will spend many a lunch break walking there and enjoying the sun. It reminds me very much of Hyde Park. I also found out DC has a Pret A Manger. I am so excited to be here!
   After toddling around the super touristy sights, I went to Georgetown. Holy-super-cute! ah! I loved it. That town looks like something off a Christmas card. We went to get cupcakes (at Sprinkles AND Georgetown cupcakes - cause I have to compare the two! Sprinkles won with a stunning s'more cupcake.)
   I am very excited to be here. I had such a careful and meticulous plan for my life and it did not include...well....anything I've done. But what's life without a little adventure?

You thought I forgot about this place, didn't you?

I'm not dead!
   Defying all common thought, I made the drive across the country in complete and unexciting safety. I didn't even have a flat tire. In the movie of my life they will probably leave out this epic drive. You win some, you lose some.... I guess. 
   Anyway, driving across the country all by myself was a ton of fun. Mostly because of all the fun and funny things I got to see. I chose to drive on I-20 through the south. I love the south. I love it so much. 
   Louisiana was a particular favorite. I guess I never expected that people actually talk like that...but my beloved 3 readers, THEY DO. And when I stopped for gas I tried so hard to not talk like them. but. i. just. couldn't. Southern will out. Here is a clip from princess and the frog, so you know what I'm talking about. They sounded just like Ray. 
   There was also the funny time when I stopped at gas station in the middle of nowhere Louisiana and there was a cemetery next to the gas station. Which had about 20 pickups outside. And I was this lone little car. And I walked in and about 40 guys all turned to look at me. And the gas station sold alligator jerky. So, you know, that was exciting. 
   I also really enjoyed Texas. There's this line in Newsies where Jack Kelly sings "I want space/not just air" and  that always resonates with me when I go into a city. Texas is huge and flat, and the sky just goes on and on forever. The stars at night are big and bright! 
   Have I talked about the south enough? Like how the spanish moss was so pretty lazily sitting on the great old trees, or how North Carolina is really really into boiled peanuts and how South Carolina smelled bad, and how the dirt is really red in Georgia? It's a lovely part of the country. 
   All good things come to end, however, and the crazy driving in DC brought me to my final destination. There are more cars here then I ever thought I'd care to see. But it is exciting to live so close to the capital. I've been lucky enough to see so many other countries and their capitals, and now I finally get to see mine! Go USA.