Sunday, July 10, 2016

Little Missionary Moments

I have been trying to be a better member missionary, and while I hardly succeed in great and epic ways, the little things I do are triumphs to me.
I used to be so good at it in High School, when I was surrounded and belittled all the time by people who probably didn't mean to offend, but nevertheless did so. At BYU I had a safe haven, and was lured into a false sense of security because I never had to be a missionary. Tulsa was a wake-up call, and while I tried (and failed) there, I have been doing better in DC.

- Telling my boss about temple work and our love for our families extends in both directions. We believe in eternity.
- Bringing up the importance of morality and ethics in LITERALLY EVERY POLICY DEBATE in school, because we must develop righteous principles that lead us to do what is right.
- Defending to my fellow students why 3hr church is actually a blessing, and why I love keeping the Sabbath.
- Giving an old friend a Book of Mormon, and praying that he'll accept it.
- Taking new friends to the temple and feeling the spirit on the grounds.

I believe in sharing this thing that brings me such to joy to others who come into my life. Sometimes I take it for granted. I never ever ever ever want anyone to come up to me and say, 'You had a gift you could have shared that would have been precious to me. Why didn't you?'