Thursday, March 24, 2016

Music ABCs

My sister Kelly is my usual go-to music suggester. But I managed to find these hot babies all on my own! Here's the ABC's of what I've been rockin' out to lately. Youtube playlist here 
I'm always on the hunt for new tunes. Send your recommendations my way! But only if you have good taste.
*Songs I particularly love.

Architects - Open Letter to Myself
Walk the Moon - Work this Body
*Breaking Laces - Astronomy is my Life, But I Love You
DNCE - Cake by the ocean
The Avett Brothers - Ballad of Love and Hate
*Walk Off the Earth - Rule the World (love those trumpets!!)
*Rossini - The Theiving Magpie
*Hamilton (AMAZING)(listen to the playlist!! you will not regret.)
MIA - Bad Girls
JR JR - Gone
The Killers - Shot at The Night
Spada and Ellen - Cool Enough
*Magic Man - Paris
Mika - Ordinary Man
Walk Off the Earth - Hold On
*One Republic - Preacher
Adele - When we Were Young
The Struts - Could have been me
Sidney Bichet - Si Tu Vois me Mere (I want to fall in love to this song.)
Mumford and Sons - Hopeless Wanderer
Chvrches - Mother We Share
*Imagine Dragons - Warriors
Mika - Last Party
Lady Antebellum - Compass
Demi Lovato - Stone Cold
Mumford and Sons - Ditmas

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Sydney and Day Trippin'

Sydney came to visit!! We kicked off her first trip to DC with a day downtown, where I forced her to go look at the beautiful art in the National Gallery, and then to the Air and Space Museum WHERE WE TOUCHED THE MOON. BECAUSE I STILL FREAKIN LOVE THE MOON. Syd is the best for indulging me.
The National Gallery has some really lovely JMW Turners. And since he is my fav, I have to go see his stuff every time.
Next, we went on a couple day trips! We went to Monticello to see the legacy of Thomas Jefferson, and boy, it was worth it. The house, the grounds, the mountain top, even the creepy tunnel, were all wonderful and amazing. I love being in this area with such great history. Montpelier happened to be on the way, so we made a little detour and saw James and Dolly Madison's place as well. (Heart eyes emojii at Dolly M.)
We also traveled up to Antietam National Battlefield, the site of the bloodiest single-day battle in American History. I remember reading a lot about this place in High School, so it was kind of sobering and sad to be there. But it made me grateful for the people who fight for freedom.
Syd and I went into town a few times, but my favorite time is always at night. The monuments at night are glorious, and really beautiful to look at. Just a heads up for all those who come to visit me - we're going to go look around at night.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


Wallis (aka Wathis) came to visit me!! We painted the town red. 3 days and 50,000 steps later (she has a pedometer on her phone, I am not making up that number of steps!) I'm pretty sure we saw about 30% of what DC has to offer. Except for that moment where I couldn't get into the national archives to steal the Declaration of Independence, because my pocket knife was too rad.... too knifey.
Jefferson Memorial at sunset. It was the most gorgeous day!
Guys, the DC Temple is so magnificent. I love it so much. 
Mt. Vernon! We love George Washington. 
This pizza is THE SHIZ. 

She loves Bei-Bei, who we went to see TWICE!
Babe-raham Lincoln Memorial. We love him.