Thursday, May 12, 2016

Notable Quotables Part 2

Now that the semester is over, I present to you other noteworthy and funny comments my teachers have said. Remember, my classes are in intelligence, arms control theory, and international security.

"The appropriate answer is 'Senator, I do not recall'."

"It's not the offense that gets you, it's the cover-up."

Russian Joke about nuclear fallout:
"What do you do if you see a mushroom cloud?"
"Put on a blanket and crawl slowly to the graveyard."
"Why slowly?"
"So you don’t create panic!"

“We want to get in there and mess with people.”

 “We are never deceived. We deceive ourselves.” – Goethe.  

“Never assume conspiracy when simple incompetence will suffice.”  

"Russia always cheats." 

It was such a wonderful, difficult, challenging, mind-numbing, intellect-building semester. As it should be. And now I am looking forward to long break. Utah, here I come!! 

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